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Lives are for living (40/41)

Title Lives Are For Living. (40/41)
Fandoms Torchwood/Being Human crossover fic.
Characters/pairings Andy Davidson/Tom McNair. Other Torchwood and Being Human characters will appear later on.
Word count: This part 3750 (Total posted 130,000/133,000)
Rating This part pg (adult over all) – see contains below.
Contains Mentions of depression/anxiety. Mentions of past canon major character death. Mention of minor character death – not canon. In later parts canon level violence, graphic sex, Andy's homophobic mother. Spoilers for Being Human (UK version) up to series 5 episode 3, and for Torchwood up to Children of Earth.
A/N: Crossover with Being Human. Technically a CoE fix it as it's set in the same 'verse as Finding Ways To Smile Again (although that isn't apparent until about 2/3 the way through the story). Follows on from Break and Breakaway from Tom McNair's POV – which is where it breaks from Being Human canon.

After being pushed out of the police force following the events of Children of Earth, Andy Davidson tries to build a new life for himself in the deep in the Welsh countryside.
Tom McNair walked out off his old life after realising it wasn't what he needed.
A chance meeting would take their lives in directions that they had never expected and bring them love that they'd not thought they'd find.

Starts here: http://the-silver-sun.livejournal.com/214504.html

It had been a strange few months, Andy thought as he walked down to the end of the farm track to collect the postCollapse )

Ianto is back 😀

Big finish audio are making so audio Torchwood stories, and the first one will be out in Septemeber and John Barrowman was already confirmed for it.

Now it's definite that Ianto is to be in the next one, Fall to Earth.


Not much in the way of details.

But more Ianto, the people at Big Finnish realising how much he was liked. 😀

My new fic.

The first part of the new fic I've posted is something of a change from what I usually write, it a historical setting (1811-1814) and as most people do in the fandom I've tried to write in the style of the book.

It's always good to try something new.

The characters in question are these, Childermass on the left and Mr Norrell on the right.

Yes, I'm getting pulled into another fandom

Title: The Education of a Magican in Both Love and War. (1/10)
Fandom: Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell
Characters/pairings: Mr Norrell/Childermass.
Word count: 1100/about 10,000 to 12,000
Warnings: not particular graphic mention of Napoleonic warfare.
Rating: teen

Summary: written for the prompt Mr Norrell is the one sent to serve Wellington in the Peninsular War rather than Jonathan Strange. Wouldhe prefer Norrell/Childermass Pairing.

Leaving the solitude of Hurtfew Abbey with its extensive library of well cared for and correctly stored books had been a terrible error, of that Mr Norrell was increasingly sure.Collapse )

Answer for question 4436.

What's the tallest building you've ever been to the top of? Did you ride the elevator or take the stairs the whole way? Was there anything interesting at the top (dining room, etc)?
The tallest building I've been to the top of is Canada Square 1, also known Canary Wharf.

It was as part of a geography A level field trip back in 1997. It had only just been built and the top floor, the 50th was empty - not even partition walls in.

We took the lift up and apparently it was unusually at the time to have a single lift that went all to fifty floors.

It was a grey rainy day, but there was still a good view down to the Millennium Dome (now called the O2 Arena) which was under construction.

Still around on livejournal

I've not disappeared and I am still writing, well when I get time, which hasn't been much lately.

The last month has been ridiculously busy as moving buildings at work was suddenly moved up and we found we'd got about two weeks to get ready for it. Ended up working more than another days worth of hours last week just to cover getting things packed up.

Currently (well it was currently when I was writing this but had no net to post) I'm staffing the front desk in the new building where I have no computer, phone or anything as its not arrived yet. My sole job for the next hour is to direct people to the lift to get them down to the floor the company I work for is occupying and hand them a badge. My actual desk which does have a computer is one floor down and partially underground where all I can see of the world is shoppers ankles as they walk past to get to the shopping centre.

Other than that the new offices are new. All glass and that pale wood desks and cabinets that are actually just laminated chipboard, its all on one level and there are enough computer points and sockets for everybody. I still do miss the old building, it was 150 years old and full of odd corners, short pieces of stairs that you went up but were still on the same floor. It seems odd not having to go down to the basement, with its dodgy lighting and those smooth white and green tiles like you'd find in underground stations, to get microfilm records.

Eleven years at the old building, good times and bad. Feels like the end of an era. Still onwards and upwards as they say, this move hopefully comes with the opportunity for further training and maybe in a couple of years a pay rise.

Fic: Last of the Rift Born (6/12)

Title: Last of the Rift Born (6/12)
Rating: Adult over all – this part PG.
Word count: This part 2000. Total will be around 20k.
Pairing. Jack/Ianto, other original alien characters as and when needed for plot.
Contains: Mention of canon character death (Ianto – but this is a fix-it fic, so not permanent) and temporary Jack death in later part.

Summary: Alone in the House of the Dead Ianto has a choice to make. The result of which will change his life forever. (Set directly after Jack leaves in House of the Dead radio play.)

Starts here: http://the-silver-sun.livejournal.com/247907.html#cutid1

Of all the locations that he could have ended up with as his place in the Rift the House of the Dead hadn't featured in his top ten or to be honest at allCollapse )

The election.

General election is done bar one seat, which will make no difference now, except perhaps to the LibDems as to whether they've lost everything in the west of the country.

So five years of untemepered Tory rule. Not the expected outcome of this election, nor one that I personally would have hoped for.

Of all the parties I feel most sorry for the LibDems, but they have nobody but themselve to blame for what lay behind their downfall - tuition fees. They should have fought for it, rather than surenddered it for other promises (like the farce of the Alternative Vote referendum - LibDems had wanted Proportions Representation, but settled for a vote on something that was the worst of both worlds) made the Tories work for it. Ultimately they would have lost, but it wouldn't have come with the same stigma as apparently abandoning their principles for a shot at power.

They did some good while they were there. Raising the the amount people can urge before tax, helping push through legislation for same sex marriages and preventing the implimentation of the the so called 'Snoopers charter' that the Conservatives had wanted. Which even before the last votes of the election had been counted was already back on the books.

What we will see now I think is the Conservatives veering ever more right that they have been. They see UKIP, leaderless now, and see those voted for them as their voters of the future.

Without Scotland proving much needed seats a Labour win in future is unlikely. Although I find myself far more in agreement with the Scottish Nationalists than with Labour. The closest we have here is in are the Greens, who seem doomed to be a fringe party. I don't agree with all the Green's say, but I agree on a lot more with them than with most of the others.

For the future?
A continuation with First Past the Post voting, despite the unfairness of it. More cuts to councils, benefits and NHS, they Tories admitted to as much even while campaigning for re-election. £12 billion pounds to be cut from welfare in the next 2 to 3 years alone.
TTIP - the biggest corporate sell out in history (and still with no real assuances that the NHS will be exempt from it and it 'sue if you don't make a profit' ethos.
Taking the UK out of the Human Rights Act - yes, really. To be replaced with a so called peoples bill of rights, that most other parties, the EU, UN and Amnesty say isn't fit for purpose.
An in/out referendum on Europe that most do not what - a renegotiation of terms, but not all out.

It seems the advice for the new few years is; don't be or become young, old, poor, ill, in education, unemployed or under-employed, a carer or a work for any of the emergency services.

I am not enthusiastic about the future under a Tory majority government. I remember Thatcher and Major. All the same we endured and at least in 5 years we shall have a chance again. I hope that not too many lives will be lost or ruined by Iain Duncan Smith's attempted to destory the welfare state and that there is one still there in future to salvage.

There were some good points. Esther McVey losing her seat. (We need more women in politics, but not her, not somebody who lies about ATOS's treatment of people and and thinks foodbanks are a lifestyle choice of the feckless and not an indication of real hardship.) Farage stepping down from UKIP - may the party fade back in to unpleasant, ecscentric obsurity without him as a gargoyle figure head.
The Greens keeping their seat in Brighton and getting a bigger % of vote than they've done before.
The SNPs landslide in Scotland - even if you don't agree with the idea of Scotland as a seperate country then at least having a party that will actually stand up for its residents, including its poor and needy is something to celebrate.

Sadly they will not have much power in Westminster if Cameron has his way. He says Scotland is part of the UK, but then turns round and says their MPs shouldn't have the same voting rights. Scottish MPs would get to vote on purely Scottish things only, but when it came to English matters like defense, the common agricultural policy and the NHS they would become English MP votes only. I'd love to know that the Welsh and Northern Irish MPs think of that one - do they count as English on this one or are they shut out too?

There are going to be a lot of hard feelings north of the boarder if the English MP only votes happen. Even if it does I wouldn't be at all surprised if any economic failings in future weren't laid at the doors of the Scots. The Newspapers were already dangling it (SNP) over peoples heads as some kind of haggis eating, kilt wearing bogeyman, how they'd hold the whole country to ransom.
What better way to get the disillusioned English poor on your side that giving them somebody to blame that's not those in power?

The SNP are never going to carry much weight in Westminster, even without the limitations that look like being placed on them. The are 55 out of 650. An idea that cannot get a majority using the other 595 MPs in parliament on its vote probably wasn't worth making law in the first place.

No, I think that perhaps that should be the message taken away from this election. Divide and Conquer.


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