the_silver_sun (the_silver_sun) wrote,

No Last Goodbye

Title No Last Goodbye.
Characters Owen, Ianto
Challenge tw100 261 Relatives
Words 100
Rating G
Notes This idea (as well as a much longer version) has been kicking around in my head for a while.
Summary Owen receives some bad news.

The letter lies crumpled at Owen’s feet, but the words still swim in front of his eyes.

We regret to inform you of the death...

Tears Owen had sworn he’d never shed start to fall. Closing his eyes, the good times they’d had before drink and drugs had taken her away flood back with heartbreaking clarity.


Opening his eyes he sees Ianto staring at him, confusion and concern on his face. Words won't come and he stares back lost.

“Owen, please?” There's fear in Ianto's voice. “Not Tosh, not Gwen.”

“No,” Owen chokes out, “My mum’s dead.”

Tags: character: owen harper, fic type: drabble, series: torchwood

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